Messika My Twin Diamond Luxury Earrings

Messika My Twin Diamond Luxury Earrings


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Manufacturer Model 6504 WG

  • The My Twin collection from Messika unites diamonds and delivers a pendant aesthetic, mixing the elegant beauty of emerald and pear cuts to create ethereal pieces of jewellery.

    Charming and luminescent, these My Twin Toi & Moi Earrings in 18ct white gold can be worn as either just the studs or with the drop motif that can be adjusted according to your signature style.

    Each earring presents an emerald cut 0.15ct diamond stud with a drop pear cut 0.15ct diamond, set behind the ear just below the lobe. With a total carat weight of 0.90, the stud and drop motif is surrounded by a beautiful entourage of brilliant cut diamonds.

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