Messika Move Classic Uno 2 Rows Luxury Necklace

Messika Move Classic Uno 2 Rows Luxury Necklace


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Manufacturer Model 8852-WG

  • To delicately adorn the neck and enhance the décolleté, Move Uno has been reinterpreted as a two-row 0.20ct diamond necklace. A vertical Move Uno or a horizontal Move Uno for handmade jewellery in 18 carat white gold. The Move Collection’s signature, a bezel-set diamond slides and shimmers with every movement inside each polished gold motif. The subtle shimmer of white gold makes it a metal of choice. In perfect keeping with the trend for stackable jewellery, you can slip this necklace on over any outfit. Chic detail: the diamonds quality G/VS that decorate the chain, adding extra light to this Messika creation. Lenght: 45 cm (5 retaining rings) : 36/39/41/43/45cm)

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