100 x 1g Combicube FeinGold at Best Price Online

100 x 1g Combicube FeinGold at Best Price Online


$3339 $4099
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Mint Argor Heraeus

Year minted 2019

Weight (grams) 100

Pure gold content (grams) 999.9

VAT free Yes

  • This shapely Combicube is made of gold of the highest fineness of 999.9 and is thus ideally suited as investment gold. The 100 individual bars with a weight of 1 g each are very easy and removable without material loss from the Gesamtverband. This allows you to divide the bar exactly as you like, for small gifts or in case gold becomes a medium of exchange in addition to the official means of payment in the future. Combicubes are particularly suitable for storage in lockers and safes due to the small external dimensions (27x42x15 mm) and the resulting manageable space requirements.

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