2 oz Memento Mori Silver Coin Best For Gift

2 oz Memento Mori Silver Coin Best For Gift


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Weight: 2 oz

Diameter: 39mm

Purity: 99.9% Silver

  • Intaglio Mint has developed a number of impressive silver round collections in recent months. The private mint is the definition of a boutique mint, with just three silver enthusiasts powering the design and production of silver rounds for sale. Now theres a new series available from Intaglio known as the Latin Allure Series. Right now, 2 oz Memento Mori Silver Rounds are available to purchase online from JM Bullion. Round Highlights: Arrives in a protective plastic flip, with quantities of 10 arriving in a tube. 1st issue of Latin Allure Series! Contains 2 Troy oz of .999 pure silver. Obverse features the phrasing of Memento Mori. Reverse includes another popular phrase Carpe Diem. The Latin Allure Series brings design concepts inspired by the Ancient Roman societies and other Latin cultures of the era. The first of these designs is inspired by the practice of victorious generals parading through the streets of major Roman cities in celebration of their victory on the battlefield. Though returning home to a parade in their honor, alive and well, these generals often needed a reminder that live and mortality are fleeting. It is said that a slave once uttered to his master, a general, the phrase Memento mori. Translated from Latin, the phrase instills in the mind of the general that they must remember that you too will die. Morbid to the modern world, Memento mori remains a powerful lesson in the value of conceptualizing ones mortality. The Roman lyrical poet Horace lived during the time of Augustus, and famously captured the need to act now reminding people that you are mortal, so seize the day. Intaglio Mint brings these concepts to life beautifully on the 2 oz Memento Mori Silver Round.

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